Cookie Monster Sesame Street ιdgαf-so-sтfυ&gтfo™.

Billy Currington: That Changes Everything
Blaine Larsen: That’s just me
LeAnn Rimes: Nothin’ better to do
Alan Jackson: Little Bitty
Hal Ketcham: Small town Saturday night
Wade Hayes: Old enough to know better
Joe Nichols: Tequila makes her cloths fall off
LeAnn Rimes: Nothin’ better to do
Tracy Byrd: Don’t love make a diamond shine
Gretchen Wilson: Redneck woman

"A photo can say a thousand things, but it can’t say the million things I wanna say. A photo can capture the way we were,but it can’t capture the way we are now."

I could admire your body but your mind is much deeper .

Boyfriend: Baby I bet I can make you scream with one finger (; Girlfriend: Nah I doubt it. Boyfriend: I can Girlfriend: Do it then :o Boyfriend: Get closer. Girlfriend: * Gets closer * Boyfriend: * Pokes her eye * Girlfriend: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! wtf! Boyfriend: Told you :p


Boy: Let’s Play The Firetruck Game.

Girl: How Do You Play?

Boy: I Run My Fingers Up Your Leg, And You Say “Red light” When You Want Me To Stop.

Girl: Okay . *Few Seconds Later* Girl: RED LIGHT!!

Boy: Firetrucks Don’t Stop For Red lights

My prayers goes out to every nigga who’s out there hustlin, chasin’ a dream or feeding a family. Keep your head up cause you’re going to make it thru WHATEVER weather. No matter how stormy/rocky the road might be… #Amen

Bro , when your boyfriend be telling other girls that they’re cute, commenting and liking most of there pictures. Hah , cool let go do same shit c: